Planning a wedding reschedule

With the unrelenting COVID-19 virus currently dominating our lives, it’s easy to forget that love is not cancelled. Couples are still falling in love, getting engaged and planning weddings. Unfortunately though, rescheduling your wedding is now a real possibility.

As weddings across the country are affected, NSW is currently the hardest hit. While we are based in regional NSW, our business has not escaped the current Sydney lockdown restrictions. The Hunter Valley is one of Australia’s most popular wedding destinations, due it’s stunning natural beauty and a myriad of amazing venues to host your wedding. Our proximity to Sydney means many of our couples and their guests live in Sydney. Our business is 80% Sydney-siders. Like many other local vendors, we are currently experiencing the heart break of so many couples that are having to reschedule their dream days, some not for the first time.

Ben Ean Winery – Hunter Valley

Postpone your plans.

So how can we make this easier for you? The first thing is:

REMEMBER TO BREATHE!! Allow yourself a moment to feel sadness. There’s no way round it. This situation is completely crap, however with the help of your vendors, hopefully we can make the process as painless as possible.

We strongly encourage you to POSTPONE, DON’T CANCEL. Make a list of your vendors and get in touch as soon as you can, to go through your options. If you can postpone for a while, it gives you the opportunity to focus on continued planning for your wedding. It also gives you, your venue and your vendors something to look forward to.

We have invested a whole lot of time and emotion into planning your flower designs, so we will do whatever is needed to continue those plans for your wedding day. As a wedding florist, it’s not just about taking the booking and throwing a few flowers together on the day. I set up a file for every couple I book and in the lead up to the day, I’m constantly adding notes and photos to your file. When your day rolls around I am full of inspiration to make your wedding flowers and styling exactly what you want it to be.

Talits Estate Vineyard

Planning Ahead.

Changing plans can be a frustrating and tedious task, I get that, but we will help however we can. We want to be part of your day, whenever that may be, so we are guaranteeing your new date, without any additional fees. If you do need to cancel, we will return all money paid minus 10%. The cost of weddings is high and we see a lot of comments from brides on social media that “it’s not my fault I had to cancel”. We know that and we understand the heart-break, but it’s not our fault either. Remember we have already invested a lot of time, effort and emotion into your wedding. As a micro business, the loss of weddings has a very significant impact on our livelihoods. Please remember we are doing the very best we can to support you.

Once this whole, horrible nightmare is over and we hopefully return to a more normal situation, the one thing I will take from this is that most people are good and kind. I’ve seen vendors helping each other out and compromising to make sure our mutual clients are getting the very best options available. I’m seeing brides and grooms, despite the heart ache of postponements, showing such patience, understanding and kindness to us.

As we continue to navigate this horror show, know that we are always thinking of you and we will do whatever we can to make your wedding amazing. Don’t forget where all this started … two people in love and planning the day of your lives, to celebrate that love, surrounded by those that matter the most. Our job is to help bring your vision to life. And we will, soon.